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I love today’s view of Lake and Mount Chocorua as seen from Tamworth, NH.

After a few weeks of dry weather, hampering the blooming of the spring foliage, showers moved through and almost overnight the trees on the lower elevations started to turn green. With a bit of fog and mist in the air and with the mountain blurred in the background, you can see the green slowly making its way up to the peak. In a week or so the whole mountain will be the bright green of spring save for the majestic granite summit.

Once again, I am awed by the natural beauty of this landscape.

FF: The Tasting Journals of 33 Beers

FF-33I carry a notebook just about everywhere I go. I like being able to jot down an idea or an observation as they come up. The folks at 33 Beers makes note taking easy for folks that want to keep a beer tasting journal.

About 33 Beers: “They say necessity is the mother of invention, but alcohol helps, too. Born from attending a few too many beer festivals, 33 Beers is a beer journal that provides an easy way to record tasting notes in a small, convenient notebook format. It’s designed for beer geeks, by beer geeks. This beer journal is designed for ease of use. It’s tough to hold a notepad in one hand, a pencil in the other, and have another hand left for beer. Taking notes with 33 Beers is as simple as checking a few boxes and entering a few basic facts.”

The success of 33 Beers’ Beer Journal has led them to create other “tasting journals” for things like wine, chocolates, cigars and yes, whiskey.

Learn more about 33 Beers here.

Visit the 33 Beers online shop here.

FF: The “designer” wrapping paper of Wrapped

FFWI love giving and receiving presents that are wrapped. “Say NO to the gift bag,” I say. The problem is that most wrapping paper is boring and generic. However, I found the solution to the same-old wrapping paper – the “designer” wrapping paper from the good people at Wrapped.

About the “designer” wrapping paper of Wrapped: “The idea that wrapping paper can be a work of art, rather than a generic disposable shell, inspired the creation of Wrapped. Our designer wrapping paper features a wide variety of images, from paint spattered floors to exotic animal hides. All of our products are designed and manufactured locally in Los Angeles to ensure unparalleled quality.”

See all the “designer” wrapping paper of Wrapped here.

FF: The Bormioli Rocco Glass Swing Top Pocket Flask

FFKEGI am always looking for a cool place to keep my bourbon, which why I am attracted to the Bormioli Rocco Glass Swing Top Pocket Flask from Kegworks.

About the Bormioli Rocco Glass Swing Top Pocket Flask: “Bormioli Rocco is the king of distinctive, elegant Italian glassware, and this swing top flask is a prime example of their exemplary work. It’s perfect for liquor, sensational for salad dressings or your own maple syrup, and absolutely awesome for anything else you want to share with your friends or family. You can trust the swing top rubber stopper to keep the contents safe and sound and the polished glass cleans right up with a bit of hand-washing. Call it a glass flask or call it a glask, but make sure you’ve got one on your table!”

The Bormioli Rocco Glass Swing Top Pocket Flask is available from Kegworks.

FF: Sunny Bang Private Label Hot Sauce

FFhsI like hot sauce almost as much as I like bourbon. OK, maybe not that much, but I like it. I am always looking for new and exciting sauces, like my most recent find, Sunny Bang Private Label Probiotic Hot Sauce.

About Sunny Bang Private Label Hot Sauce: “Red Holland Chile Peppers, Monastic White Wine Vinegar, Maine Sea Salt and Filtered New York City Tap Water (all locally sourced) are simply all that go into the complex and spicy, fruit-forward flavor of this probiotic hot sauce created through lactic fermentation. WARNING: CO2 is a byproduct of lactic fermentation so please be careful of the splatter upon opening. Think bubbles from a champagne bottle, but in this case, it’s hot sauce.”

See more about Sunny Bang Private Label Probiotic Hot Sauce here.