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While taking some generic pictures of the spring flowers in the front yard garden the other day, I decided to experiment with some extreme close-ups of some of the blooms.  I was surprised how much I actually liked the results.  A little I the arty side, but these pictures make me pleased with all the time I spent last fall planting bulbs.






bb3While rummaging through a bunch of vintage books recently, I stumbled upon a copy of Bobby Blake in the Frozen North by Frank A. Warner.

I was attracted by the cover art, the great condition and the book’s title which intrigued me. Upon further research, I learned that there were quite a few Bobby Blake books in the 1920s and it was a popular series aimed at young boys ala The Hardy Boys.

bb2Other than that, there was very little information about Bobby Blake, Frank A. Warner and the series out there. I did manage to find a brief description of the Bobby Blake series: “This series tells the story of sanctimonious schoolboy Bobby Blake and his hot-tempered friend Fred Martin.”

Bobby Blake had me at “sanctimonious schoolboy”.

If you know anything more about this book or the Bobby Blake series, please let me know.

Meanwhile, like everything else worth buying in the world, you can find a few copies of Bobby Blake in the Frozen North by Frank A. Warner from vendors via Amazon. Prices start at $35 which means I made a nice investment with my $2 copy.