cbg3Seriously, I think the cigar box guitars of the appropriate named Soundbox Guitars are just about the coolest things I have ever featured on Lost Cowboy.

I love cigar boxes, and have used many in my own art projects. However, I have never seen cigar boxes put to better use than these great Soundbox Guitars. Not only are Soundbox Guitars functioning instruments, they are works of art.

About Soundbox Guitars: “My hand-made cigar box guitars are fully playable guitars that capture the authentic sound of that down home, front porch delta blues. Not just playable, but also a piece of art that looks just as good on your wall as it does in your hands. People will ask about it, wonder what it could possibly sound like… and that’s when you take it down and start strummin’. Your style and technique will get stripped down to the bare essentials. These guitars are meant to be played with a slide in an open tuning for that true blues sound, (I like open G or A, and there are hundreds of other open tunings). When you put a slide on your finger and start playing, the sound of the delta blues just comes out naturally.”

I have made up my mind to invest in a Soundbox Guitar and am waiting to see just which one will fit best in my collection. I am pretty good at smoking cigars, now if I could only learn to play a cigar box…

Learn more about Soundbox Guitars here.

Visit the Soundbox Guitars shop here.