ETMBA dear friend of mine was recently commenting on her neighbor’s selection of a new mailbox – something about a cow or lighthouse or whale. Anyway, we all know the type of mailbox she means, the kind that seems to bring down all the property values in the hood.

However, a good mailbox can be a positive statement for your home and community, which is why I love Architectural Mailboxes

About Architectural Mailboxes: “A decorative residential mailbox is the ultimate way to enhance the exterior of a home. Secure, stylish and spacious, Architectural Mailboxes has been providing quality residential mailboxes on the market for decades. Our decorative, award-winning designs can be found gracing some of the country’s finer residences and have been featured on nationally televised home makeover shows.”

I like Architectural Mailboxes’ Elephant Trunk Parcel Drop: “The elephantrunk™ parcel drop is the best solution for parcel deliveries. The elephantrunk™ is always home even when you’re not, providing you with peace of mind that your parcel deliveries are no longer missed or go missing. This full service receptacle can receive multiple parcels, has an outgoing partition for your outbound shipments and a vacation stopper for when you don’t want to receive parcels. Its sturdy design is made from cast aluminum and heavy gauge steel powder coated in four decorator friendly colors, black, red, white and oil rubbed bronze to match most environments. It embodies a variety of architectural styles and adds a splash of curb appeal.”

I like the Elephant Trunk Parcel Drop as it seems no matter what I never seem to be home when my packages arrive. Now only if I could get home delivery of my regular mail…

Learn more about Architectural Mailboxes here.