FFaI love flipping through travel guides old and new, even when I have no plans to visit the place they describe. I have mentioned before that I keep a small library of travel guides in the upstairs “reading room” (aka bathroom) and end up learning new things about old places all the time.

Travel guides run the gamut from basic (just listings of places and things) to detailed journals of experiences. Somewhere in the between are the Wildsam American Field Guides, a planned series of guides that aim to flesh out a locale to ensure you get a true feel for the place.

About Wildsam American Field Guides: “Launched in the fall of 2012, Wildsam is a series of American field guides, small books with a lot of soul, packed with local lore, interviews, a cultural almanac, vignetted memoirs, a best-of list, hand-drawn maps, and much more. Our books are equal parts travel guide and tribute, for both weekender and native alike.”

First up, is Wildsam American Field Guide to Nashville: “Part almanac, part urban lore, part best-of, part memoir, the first Wildsam Field Guide focuses on Nashville, Tennessee, once monikered Gunpowder City, origin of cotton candy and Cracker Barrel, northern end point to the Natchez Trace. The field guide explores all of that and more. From illustrated maps of comfort food and music stops, to stories from Rosanne Cash, Tony Earley and Senator Bill Frist, Wildsam digs deep to find the taproots of the Music City.”

Coming soon is the Wildsam American Field Guide to Austin and then, who knows, there are plenty of places to go.

Learn more about Wildsam American Field Guides here.