PADIf there is one thing of which I have too many, it’s dressers. Well, really it’s warts, but for the purpose of today’s post, let’s just say it’s dressers.

In the house where I am currently living – my parents’ old home that is being prepared to sell – there are several legacy dressers (bureaus, chests of drawers, etc.) that are remnants of our family’s bedrooms over the years. Many of these dressers are very plain wood pieces that have been painted multiple times. These dressers are very common so they are not really something that could be sold easily.

I have often thought that with a little time and ingenuity these plain pieces of furniture could be turned into standing works of art. I have seen many treatments for turning plain old dressers into something cool, but most of them involved a lot of work and considerable talent with paint. However, I recently came across plans for making a poster art dresser on the HGTV website.

About HGTV’s plans for Poster Art Dresser: “Give a boring dresser a fresh look by decoupaging your favorite vintage poster right on the front. Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza have some easy ideas for dressing up old furniture. They use French poster art to add serious style to a boring dresser, give a plain table a stunning mod design and chill out with a distinctive fridge that will look cool in any dorm room. Give a boring dresser a quick new look by sticking your favorite vintage poster right on the front.”

I have the dressers and plenty of decoupage, now I just need to find the right poster. Would my classic boyhood Farrah Fawcett poster work?

See how you can make a poster art dresser here.