FF: The Salvage Furniture of Portland, OR-based Rejuvenation

FFsalThe fine folks at Rejuvenation have a ton of great products inspired by – or salvaged from – days gone by. However, it is their line of salvaged and recommissioned furniture that I like.

About the Salvage Furniture of Rejuvenation: “Our one-of-a-kind salvage furniture is constructed in our Portland workshop from found industrial machinery and reclaimed wood from Oregon. We select from vintage i-beam trestles, machine parts, and even streetlamps for the bases, and then scour our selection of reclaimed wood slabs to craft the tops. In most cases, this wood is from deadfall or “scrap” trees that would otherwise be pulped or chipped; in others, the wood is salvaged from old beams. When designing these pieces, we choose and place each piece of wood to best feature its natural characteristics – eccentricities of grain, high figure, burl bark intrusions, and the like.”

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FF: The Audubon Bird Call from Hickorees

AUDUI have featured various bird calls in the past and for some reason I just like them. It is funny, as I really don’t care for birds themselves. Maybe I like bird calls because they are essentially tools designed to attracted birds so you can shoot them out of the sky. Pull!

Anyway, today I am featuring the Audubon Bird Call, a classic, which I found at Hickorees.

About the Audubon Bird Call from Hickorees: “The Audubon Bird Call is a classic, simple birdwatcher’s tool with a 60 year history. Invented by Roger Eddy in 1947, its success was immediate and its production ran parallel to Mr. Eddy’s other accomplishments: four published novels, several terms in the Connecticut state legislature, and maintaining a successful produce farm outside of Hartford. The Bird Call is made from cast zinc and birch wood in Rhode Island (the metal ring still reads ‘NEWINGTON CONN’ in honor of the factory’s original location). It doesn’t mimic specific birdcalls but rather creates a tweeting noise that curious birds recognize and investigate.”

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FF: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

FFSHI love just about everything there is about Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

I love their Radar Sconce: “Our Radar Sconce was inspired by a light originally used on an industrial parts washer. Utilitarian simplicity; we loved it. When sourcing parts, we stumbled upon a 1970s stamped electrical box from one of our East Coast vendors that had the vintage tooling but hadn’t used in decades. We crushed hard on all the stamped details, including a cross, risk-of-fire warning, and wattage rating on the canopy box face.”

I also like their Utility Stool: “Built to last, this industrial-strength, welded steel stool can be put to work in any room of the house. Crafted in the USA. Available in Persimmon, Sergeant Green, Machine Gray or Factory White.”

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FF: The Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard Tablet from Cog & Pearl

FFCBWho needs an iPad when you can have the totally awesome Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard Tablet from Cog & Pearl.

About the Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard Tablet from Cog & Pearl: “Made from reclaimed oak, once part of an old steel mill in Philadelphia, leather that once belonged to a soldier’s spats in WWII, and chalkboard paint. The board is sanded smooth though may show signs of the wood’s prior use such as nail burn holes, nails, bug holes etc. The back and sides are finished with natural tung oil and the sides are beveled. There is a hole in the top for hanging. The optional reclaimed oak stand ($15) makes a perfect alternate home for a Chalk Tablet. This 1918 oak originated from the bleachers of Liberty High School in Northeast Philadelphia. This perfect list-sized tablet will replace any number of scraps on desktops, refrigerators, bedside tables etc. Each tablet comes with one Koh-I-Noor chalk pencil.”

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