brhI love honey. There I said it. I use honey exclusively as a sweetener in tea and the occasional recipe. I like to keep a variety of honeys on hand for entertaining as well. One of the best honeys I have found in recent times are the honeys of Bee Raw Honey.

About Bee Raw Honey: “Bee Raw Honey offers raw, unfiltered, varietal honey for the American table. We source our honeys from family-owned apiaries across the country, and each variety is derived from a single floral source, giving it distinct color, flavor and aroma. We’re committed to making premium varietal honeys more readily available to food lovers everywhere. Most honeys you buy in the grocery store are highly processed, stripping them of their natural flavor and goodness. We’d like to introduce you to honey as nature created it: raw, real and so pleasing to the palate that you’ll put away the imported honey bear for good.”

I’ve ordered Bee Raw’s Buckwheat Honey: “Bee Raw’s Buckwheat Honey is a stout and complex honey. It can be compared to other sweeteners such as sorghum or molasses. Hints of mossy earth and a not-so-sweet composition combine to develop a malty flavor with a pronounced bright finish.”

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