ffdYou may recall the many past posts where I have gone on and on about my love of a good pen. You no doubt have also noticed my affinity for fine bourbon. Well, put those two things together (pens and bourbon) and you have today’s find: the Mark® Barrel Rollerball & Fountain Pen.

About the Maker’s Mark® Barrel Rollerball & Fountain Pen: “Crafted from a gorgeous chunk of a Maker’s Mark® White Oak whisky barrel stave—the Oak barrel wood looks amazing and comes with a certificate of authenticity—featuring your choice of either the extremely smooth rollerball cartridge or medium fountain pen nib with gunmetal accents. The magnetic cap posts securely at both ends for easy writing and storage. Its rounded styling allows the pen to rest snugly in your hand with minimal pressure from your fingers.”

This is a truly cool pen – not only does it have that Maker’s Mark bourbon chic thing going on, it is a good old fashioned fountain pen updated with the best technology. I would make this pen my every day pen, but it would make a nice gift on a special occasion.

The Maker’s Mark® Barrel Rollerball & Fountain Pen is available from fine retailers like Bourbon & Boots.

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