FF: This recipe for Bottomless Vanilla Extract from Southern Living

BVEThis recipe for Vanilla Extract is simple – it has one two ingredients, and one of them is bourbon. I’m in!

About the Bottomless Vanilla Extract recipe from Southern Living magazine: “Homemade extract is something every baker should have. It’s more flavorful and generally less expensive than store-bought versions. Cooking speeds up the infusion, but you can omit the process by letting the mixture stand an extra week. Then use it in frostings and baked goods.”

Find the recipe for Bottomless Vanilla Extract here.

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FF: Red Retro Mini Cooler Fridge from Kalorik

FFRMC I love this Red Retro Mini Cooler Fridge from Belgian appliance manufacturer, Kalorik.

About the Red Retro Mini Cooler Fridge from Kalorik: “Collectors will love the RETRO themed detailing on this nostalgic vending fridge. Its red exterior features the Drink O Matic logo in polished chrome and the words “Ice Cold” below the open compartment at the bottom. The unit can hold up to twelve 12-ounce cans. To further evoke a nostalgic trip down memory lane, the fridge will dispense the beverage of choice at the push of a button vending-machine style. The unit cools up to 30 degrees F below the ambient temperature, and its thermoelectric cooling system runs quietly and efficiently, without any of the noise or vibration associated with compressor-style units. The vending fridge runs on 110-volt AC power for use at home or at the office, but can also operate using 12-volt DC power for tailgating parties or when entertaining on a boat.”

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FF: The Bamboo (and totally awesome) Bicycles of Erba Cycles

FFEBSo yeah, I guess bamboo bikes are a thing… but none are as cool as the bamboo bikes by the good folks at Erba Cycles.

About Erba Cycles: “The frame of the bike is made from a specific species of bamboo that is known for being light and incredibly strong. It is stronger and lighter than most alloy steels. Our frames are joined using either hemp or flax fiber treated with an epoxy-resin. Bamboo has been used for hundreds of years as a structural material for houses and is commonly used for scaffolding. We think that riding a bike made from a great, renewable resource like bamboo doubles your eco-consciousness. Perhaps, one of the best qualities of our bikes is the smooth ride quality. Bamboo, with its dense cellulose structure actually dampens road vibration and is noticeably smoother on the road than bikes made from the usual materials (steel, aluminum, and some carbon bikes ).”

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FF: Catacombs Black Diamond Fountain Pen

FFCPFancy pens have always made great gifts. You can choose from any number of nice pens at all price ranges. However, you would be hard-pressed to find a pen as cool as – or as pricey as – the Catacombs Black Diamond Fountain Pen.

About the Catacombs Black Diamond Fountain Pen: “The Catacombs of Paris, created in the late 18th century refers to the underground ossuary holding the remains of 6 million people. Created by master artist-jeweler Philippe Tournaire. Fashioned from sterling silver and finished in black diamonds. ‘S.T. Dupont by Tournaire’ is engraved opposite the roller; Cast in solid .925 Sterling Silver; 48 Black Diamonds (2.78 carats) placed on the pen. Only 10 pieces released worldwide. Packaged in a custom Black Lacquer box.”

The $20K price tag for the Catacombs Black Diamond Fountain Pen may be a little much, so may I suggest a more humble alternative? Try the Paper Mate® InkJoy™ 100 Ballpoint Stick Pens – only $3.99 a dozen from Staples – sorry no diamonds.

The Catacombs Black Diamond Fountain Pen is available from Lighters Direct.