ELBOK, I hate florescent lighting, compact florescent lights, LED lights and just about every other kind of other artificial light other than the good old fashioned incandescent bulb that Thomas Edison himself invented.

This is precisely why I love the good folks at 1000 Bulbs, because they have a full line of wonderful antique light bulbs, including the Edison Style Antique Bulb.

About Edison Style Antique Bulb:

“Meticulously crafted to preserve the look of early 20th-century lighting, this tungsten filament ST19 light bulb is the perfect complement to any vintage or contemporary decor. Tungsten filaments, used on some of the earliest light bulbs ever produced, create a unique glow unparalleled by common incandescent bulbs. Perfect for hotel, theater, restaurants & other themed venues.”

ELB2I also love the “Radio Style” Vintage Antique Light Bulb:

“This reproduction lamp from Antique Light Bulb Co. mimics the vacuum tubes used in classic radios, but has been used by our customers in applications as varied as restaurants and film sets. The subtle glow of its spiral tungsten filament creates an ambiance that sets a welcoming mood for any classic interior.”

The soft light from these old school bulbs will make anyone look good in your home. Really!

See all the antique light bulbs of 1000 Bulbs here.