PCP.TofuSpread out over the coming days I will be posting various “Finds” from my trip to Chicago which I am just wrapping up as you read this.

As you know, I love art, artists and art fairs and, well I love Chicago – and all of these things came together on this trip. There is no better annual art fair in the country than the Chicago’s Gold Coast Art Fair which I attended this past weekend.

While touring around the hundreds of artists’ booths at the Fair, the work of Patrick Carr caught my eye. Mr. Carr is a photographer and what first caught my eye was not his images, but the way he had them matted and framed – asymmetrical. On further inspection, I fell in love with his work and his sensibility overall.

First, Mr. Carr’s prints are mostly in black and white. Second, his choice of subject matter fits right in with my own work as an artist as he takes pictures of random things he “finds” out and about. He also creates motifs by adding things to something he finds to create a photographic assemblage – which I think is just so cool.

Finally, if Mr. Carr’s work didn’t speak to me – his methods would… he uses film and develops and prints his own work in the old-school way of the darkroom

In the words of the artist: “I’ve been taking pictures since college. I’ve always been inspired by the Modernists but love all types of photography, contemporary and historic. I like the personal control I have in the darkroom, and still make all my images with film and paper.”

I fell in love with Mr. Carr’s work “Tofu” (above right) for obvious reasons. And well, his work titled “Found Broken” (below) is just awesome.


Check out Artist Patrick Carr’s work here.