In my last update about the progress of my 2013 container garden, I mentioned my main concern was how it would do while I was away in Chicago for more than a week. I was most worried that the plants would suffer from lack of water. Well, I need not have worried about that as it rained (more like poured) part of almost every day while I was away.

I returned to find my plants were well watered and most of them had grown quite well – flowers included. In addition, some bare patches in the yard that I had seeded with grass seed had some nice growth – so most everything had survived my absence.


Most everything. I noticed that all of my cucumber pants and most of my squash plants were chomped down to the roots. I suspected the culprit was my little groundhog friend who had been spotted dining on my containers in the past. Well this morning, I spotted the little guy in the yard and he looked a little more plump than he had when I last spotted him earlier this spring.