TACOK, so my whole blog is based on a little toy cowboy – a “lost” cowboy – I found at a flea market a few years ago. The poor little guy was just sitting alone on a table amongst a bunch of other non-related stuff and just called out to be found. So you can see I have a soft spot for vintage cowboys and related items.

Well with that backstory, you can see how I could not ask for a better find than the folks at The Antique Cowboy, and enterprise totally devoted to vintage cowboy toys and related items.

About The Antique Cowboy: “We have the finest in Toy Cap Guns, Western Toys and Movie Posters, plus we also have a fine selection of ‘Antique’ collectible Comic Books and other Western Memorabilia. While our specialty is Cap Guns, Holsters and Cap Gun Rifles, we also buy and sell just about anything that is a collectible from ‘The Old West’ and are also happy to trade toys and Cap Guns.”

I love everything about The Antique Cowboy like their collection of cap guns and other vintage cowboy memorabilia.

Check out The Antique Cowboy here.