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I promise that my love affair with the city of Chicago will abate soon. However, today I present another artist whose work I admire and captures the essence of the city: Michael Cheney.

I love street scenes and cityscapes in general – but when it is Chicago and you add a bicycle or two, I am in love. Like in Mr. Cheney’s work Behind the Board of Trade:


Learn more about Artist Michael Cheney and see galleries of his work here.

MHDOne of my most prized possession is an antique cross from Mexico – hand hammered in silver. I love the delicate piece and have lost it many times, which is easy to do as it is so thin. But that is a story for another time.

Anyway, I was reminded of my great treasure recently when I came across the My Heart’s Desire bracelet from jewelry designer Neely Phelan who loves “revamping” vintage jewelry.

Ms. Phelan’s My Heart’s Desire piece features “a gold hammered sideways cross with vintage brass curb chain” and it is as stunning as it is inspiring.

You know how much I appreciate people who use their talents to reimagine things – and creating new pieces of jewelry from vintage pieces is something I think is particularly cool. I think Ms. Phelan’s is one of the best jewelry designers I have found and her work is amazing.

Check out all of the “looks” of jewelry designer Neely Phelan here.

Learn more about jewelry designer Neely Phelan and see her work here.