As a result of some of my recent posts about my love of old school letterpress printing and my love of one Mr. Johnny Cash, a Lost Cowboy reader turned me on to The Church of Type.

The Church of Type is a letterpress studio and the creators of many fine prints, like the wonderful Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two hand printed woodblock poster: “Hand printed letterpress from woodblock on archival handmade Arches 88 paper.”


About The Church of Type: “The Church of Type is the new Letterpress Studio of Kevin Bradley, one of America’s most prolific letterpress printmakers since 1994. His work has been instrumental in redefining the idea of contemporary letterpress in America, from his early days at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, to his 15 year run as the founder of Yee Haw Industries in Knoxville, TN. Mr. Bradley has covered the globe with fine art prints and custom design work for a litany of clients. The Church of Type represents his newest venture, moving 20 tons of letterpress equipment across the country to the city of Los Angeles, California, to bring his own vision and style to the epicenter of American Culture. He would like to invite all the incredible friends he has made along the way to join the fun, once again, as he reinvents what it is to be a working letterpress artist, providing his brand of custom work for clients and fine art and typographic prints. If you are a lover of Letterpress, Typography, Art and Design, the Church of Type was built for you. Find out more at the As always, his slogan remains, ‘Art for the People, since 1987.’”

Learn more about The Church of Type here.

Visit The Church of Type Etsy store here.