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While out on the bike the other day I was struck by a strange realization: the grass was very green and there was a lot of it.

I know that sounds crazy, as my ride took me through the lushness that is the New Hampshire countryside in summer.  However, most years by this time in July, the grass tends to be a little thirsty and tinged with brown.  This year there has been quite a bit of rain along with warm humid days which makes for nice green grass. 

What struck me in particular was how much grass was sprouting in the dirt and sand of the trail I was riding.  It was so pretty, I just had to snap a picture:


Gardenu2Well, it has been a banner season for my container garden.  The summer weather pattern we have had this year has been perfect for my little garden.  With the heat and sun creating frequent afternoon showers, my plants have never been healthier.

I have a huge crop of tomatoes coming (below) – some have already ripened on the vine and have been harvested (along with my basil) to make some pretty tasty pizzas.  I should have tomatoes right through September. 

Gardenu3I have also had luck with beans this year (above right).  I have planted beans every year I have had a container garden and they have not been terribly productive.  This year I have plenty of healthy beans.

Meanwhile, I have quite a few tiny squash (left) getting ready to grow into big squash.

I have to say there is nothing more satisfying than planting seeds and watching them mature into healthy plants that yield great produce.

Maybe next year I can set up at the farmers’ market to share my bounty.