RCDI have found the perfect recipe to put to good use all of those great farm fresh cucumbers that are showing up at the market these days: this recipe for Cucumber Salad I found in Cooking Light magazine.

Although the recipe calls for “English” cucumbers, I tried it with a few pickling cukes I picked up at the Farmers Market and it was fantastic.

About the recipe for Cucumber Salad from Cooking Light magazine: “A white wine vinaigrette lightly dresses crispy cucumber slices, bell peppers, chives, and parsley, making Cucumber Salad a refreshing choice for a summer side salad.”

This recipe is super easy to make – and can be made ahead as it gets better after all the flavors marinate in the refrigerator for a while. A nice cold cucumber salad is the perfect summer side dish for just about any meal.

Find the Cucumber Salad recipe from Cooking Light magazine here.

Visit Cooking Light magazine online here.