When I made my recent post about the great finds I discovered in Portland, ME, I neglected to mention one of the best shops I visited: K Colette.

K Colette is great home accessories and design shop right in the Portland’s historic Old Port and it is a real treat to visit. K Colette features great brands, like the wonderful decoupage work of John Derian and the textiles of John Robshaw (both featured on Lost Cowboy in the past).

About K Colette from owner Karen Burke: “I have always appreciated artisans… admired their ability to create something beautiful and unique with the talents they possess. Growing up, I experienced firsthand the gifts shared by family members who passionately pursued architecture, art and interior design. They were thoughtful and intentional with their vision and implementation. The process and the product showed integrity, skill and talent. They influenced me to have a more critical eye for an aesthetic composed of balance and beauty, detail and quality. Over the years, it has brought me great joy to discover and support talented artisans, designers, florists and textile manufacturers. I love seeing what people are capable of and how their creativity can beautify and bring comfort and joy to our homes and our lives. We are mindful about our selections. We care about where things come from, how they are made and the story behind each product. We seek to maintain a level of beauty and simplicity in each item we offer. It is this lens through which we bring you k colette.”

Just a look at the gallery of K Colette’s featured items will make you want to go there right now.

K Colette is located at 100 Commercial Street, in Portland, Maine’s Old Port district.