I have been thinking about making today’s post for more than a month now – ever since the Fourth of July when my friend Lynda took this great picture:


Lynda had been serving fresh lemonade in Ball Blue Heritage Collection Jars, which was a nice touch. Later in the day out came the Old Fitzgerald Bourbon. Lynda was inspired to snap this awesome picture which inspired me to post about it and its subject matter.

Ball Blue Heritage Collection Jars

I love the Ball Blue Heritage Collection Jars, the blue tint definitely adds a vintage touch to the jars and makes them great to use for all sorts of things, including canning. Alternate uses include fun summer drink glasses, a way to display the shells you collect at the beach, and as the host for a tea light candle on a summer dinner table.

Ball1About Ball Blue Heritage Collection Jars: “2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the first series of jars designed by the Ball brothers, each jar intended to be better than the one before. 1913 saw the launch of the first true “Perfect Mason” jar. These limited edition blue Ball jars are a celebration of the heritage featuring period-correct blue color and embossed logos on the front and back. These vintage-inspired blue jars maintain all of our modern standards for quality and reliability. Perfect for all of your home canning needs… or as a collectible item!”

Ball Blue Heritage Collection Jars (6 Pack) are available from Ace Hardware and other fine retailers.

Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

oldfitzMeanwhile, what needs to be said about Old Fitzgerald Bourbon?

About Old Fitzgerald Bourbon: “An historic brand, which dates back over 120 years, Old Fitzgerald Bourbon enjoys a nationally recognized reputation as an award winning whiskey with a tradition of extra-aging. Made with a ‘whisper of wheat’ instead of the more traditional rye grain, Old Fitzgerald offers a unique and well-loved taste profile. Today, Master Distillers Parker and Craig Beam have preserved the traditional formula and techniques, while adding the benefits of seven generations of Bourbon distilling expertise.”

Read more about Old Fitzgerald Bourbon here.