It has been a banner year for my container garden.  The weather conditions have been perfect for my selection of tomatoes and I have a ton of them ripening on the vine every day.

Here is a recent day’s yield:

SAM_1404 (800x600)

Meanwhile, the grass in the back yard (an area my mother used to call “the back forty”) has never looked better.  After a few rough years (a new septic system and erosion from Hurricane Irene) the grass is finally growing well and thick.  Of course, the relatively wet summer has helped keep things very healthy and worthy of a PGA green.

SAM_1406 (600x800)

Meanwhile, my mother’s dream of a front garden full of wildflowers that pop up every summer lives on.  The orange daylilies have given way to dozens of Black Eyed Susans which add a nice bit of contrasting color to the fields of green.

SAM_1437 (800x600)

Ah! The joys of August in New Hampshire.