FF: Cape Grim Water

GRIMI love a good spring water and none comes better recommended that that of Cape Grim Water from Tasmania of all places.

About Cape Grim Water: “Rain is nature’s main way of cleaning the air. The air purity at Cape Grim (N. West Tasmania) is recognized by both governments and scientists as being the cleanest /purest air on Earth. Cape Grim is located North of Antarctica and receives air that has travelled 16,000 kilometers across nothing but the freezing Antarctic Ocean only to reach the warmer land and turn into rain. On average it rains 187 days per year. You wouldn’t want to live at Cape Grim, but the rain water is worth bottling.”

Learn more about Cape Grim Water here.

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FF: The BINK media table

binkI am constantly looking for a surface to rest my laptop and other devices on. I am inevitably balancing things awkwardly which leads to many an accident. I think I have found the perfect solution to this problem: the BINK media table.

About the BINK media table: “A convenient mobile media table, BINK is the perfect companion anywhere you work or this convenient table goes anywhere you want. With a soft, contoured shape, BINK creates a comfortable workspace for a laptop or tablet or is an attractive resting spot for your favorite libation. Constructed of aluminum and steel, BINK is perfectly at home inside or out and is available in an array of tasty colors.”

Learn more about the BINK media table here.

FF: The wood bicycles of Masterworks

DEFENDERI have often gone on and on about the art of the bicycle. Although I think all bikes are amazing works of art and design, I think the wood bicycles of Masterworks are truly masterpieces. I like the Defender model.

About the Defender wood bicycle from Masterworks: “The Defender is Masterworks’ first wood bike, and shows the true depth of the artisans’ passion for woodworking. The contrast in woods allows for the subtle curves of the bike to give it its timeless look.”

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The wood bicycles of Masterworks are available exclusively from Bespoke Global.

FF: The designer home furnishings of Milan’s Spazio Rossana Orlandi

SUITCCOK, queue the critics, my high-end tastes are about to be displayed again with this find: The designer home furnishings of Milan’s Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

About Spazio Rossana Orlandi of Milan: “Spazio Rossana Orlandi opened in 2002 in a former tie factory in the Magenta neighborhood. The spaces wind around a green courtyard and they are divided between the 2-floor store, where you can find contemporary and vintage furniture and the gallery, established in 2008 , a space dedicated to limited editions and unique pieces. Since from the start the aim was to forecast and promote young and upcoming designers, discovered all around the world.”

Spazio Rossana Orlandi is loaded with gorgeous design pieces like the amazing suitcase chest of drawers from designer James Plumb.

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