SAM_1482 (480x640)It has been a busy summer for me – with many things going on and many commitments. Thankfully I have been able to balance my responsibilities with visits to the events I love in the summer: church fairs, flea markets, arts festival, country auctions, etc.

In the coming days I will be presenting some of the great things I have “found” while traveling my summer circuit in New England.

The Revisioned Originals” of Keller-MacLeod

First up is the truly wonderful husband and wife team of Keller-MacLeod I found at an art festival in North Conway, NH earlier this month.

Joe Keller and Heather MacLeod – both extremely talented artists in multiple media – present their collective oeuvre as “ReVISIONed ORIGINALS – ART from pARTs” – and it is all absolutely fantastic.

SAM_1475 (604x640)Joe Keller, from Brownfield, ME is an accomplished airbrush artist and owns and operates South Wind Airbrush where he creates amazing works of art on things like motorcycles. However, he applies his considerable talents to other media as well – the pure expanse of his work can be seen on the gallery of his work on his website.

At the fair I attended, Mr. Keller showcased works he classified as “Steampunk” which included great sculptures and useable art created from old parts of other things.

Among the works was this great telephone lamp (above right) – with which I fell in love and purchased. A very simple concept – a vintage telephone refitted with as a lamp. I love it! I will be swapping out the light for a smaller LED and intend to use this on my nightstand.

CampMeanwhile, Mr. Keller’s wife Heather MacLeod is an amazing artist in her own right. Again, I am just amazed at the breadth of her talent in multiple media which can all be seen on her website. However, as an assemblage artist myself, I am particularly attracted to her assemblage works.

At the show I attended, Ms. MacLeod had a nice selection of her metal sculptures on display. Following the show I visited her website and was very impressed by Ms. MacLeod’s paintings. Her eclectic acrylic paintings include this chilling work titled “Camp(right) which I covet.

See the art of Joe Keller here.

See the art of Heather MacLeod here.