KDKOne thing I know for sure is that I will be flying a kite while on vacation next week. The steady onshore breeze from Cape Cod Bay onto the beaches of Wellfleet (where I will be) is perfect for flying kites.

I found a great source for kites where you can get some cool kites that are a little less mainstream than the ones that are more readily available: Chinatown Kites.

Sure, you can find your Dora the Explorer kites at Chinatown kites, but I like the more generic kind, like this Kitty Diamond kite.

San Francisco-based Chinatown Kites has all kinds of kites from the most basic to the more complex. You are sure to find just the right kite to pass some great hours on the beach or in the park this fall.

See all the kites of Chinatown Kites here.