EH.Wellfleet1Today is the first day of my annual late summer vacation in the charming seaside hamlet of Wellfleet near the tip of Cape Cod. I love this place and look forward to my week with friends here all year.

As soon as I see the “Welcome to Wellfleet” sign on the road I feel myself relax and I start to regenerate in the best possible way a vacation in a place you love can do.

I am hardly the first (or last) person to succumb to the charms of this once sleepy fishing village. Wellfleet has long drawn the attention of artist and others look for inspiration.

For example, one of my favorite artists, Edward Hopper, spent a lot of time in Wellfleet and Cape Cod in general and left behind quite a legacy of fine paintings of his time here.

Perhaps best known for his 20th century cityscapes (like his iconic masterpiece Nighthawks), Hopper was just as prolific with his seaside works, many from right here in Wellfleet.

The best known work from his time in Wellfleet is The Martha McKean of Wellfleet (above, right). However, I love his Cottages at Wellfleet (below) and Wellfleet Road 1931 (bottom) both of which still represent Wellfleet well nearly a century after they were painted.


Wellfleet Road 1931 by Ed Hopper:


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