jbrIn addition to putting miles on my bikes while on vacation in Wellfleet this week, I plan on spending several hours cruising the shoreline in a kayak.

I love kayaking, but for many years I was afraid to go out on the ocean, preferring to row on ponds and small lakes. However, last year I was coaxed into trying out a kayak on the relatively calm waters of the Cape Cod Bay side of Wellfleet. Not only did I survive my stint kayaking on the ocean, I enjoyed it, and can’t wait to get back out there this week.

My friend Lynda has a great kayak, which she brought with her, but it only sits one person. So I will be renting an ocean kayak from Jack’s Boat Rental in Wellfleet.

About Jack’s Boat Rental: “Whether it’s surfing, canoeing, sailing, or kayaking, Jack’s Boat Rental, Inc. has the equipment and a location suited to your needs. For more than 30 years, visitors to the Lower Cape have included Jack’s Boat Rental in their vacation plans! Jack’s customers appreciate the updated and varied inventory and the “hands-on” service that keeps people coming back for more each year.”

Jack’s is great – they will deliver and pick-up the kayak right at the beach so I don’t have to worry about transportation.

Now I am just hoping a wayward whales lost in the bay won’t surface underneath me.

Local residents’ boats lined up at Power’s Landing in Wellfleet where I will be launching my own kayak adventure this week: