FF: Bowery Lane Bicycles

FF3“It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.” That’s the slogan of New York’s Bowery Land Bicycles and one that I try to live by as well.

About Bowery Lane Bicycles: “Bowery Lane Bicycles was formed in 2008 by two neighbors in New York City’s East Village. We are committed to making stylish, affordable and functional bikes here in America. Since our start we have relied on the collaboration of family, friends and folks in the neighborhood – for this we are eternally grateful. We are also grateful for the continued support of our customers.”

I like Bowery Lane Bicycles’ Breukelen model.

See all the bike options of Bowery Lane Bicycles here.

FF: The crackers of Effie’s Homemade

FF4I am always looking for new kinds of crackers to keep on hand for when surprise guests stop by or to use when my hummus outlasts my pretzel flats. I think Effie’s Homemade’s crackers fit the bill perfectly.

About Effie’s Homemade: “Two friends who have known each other for more than 30 years founded Effie’s Homemade. Joan MacIsaac and Irene Costello began their partnership with their first company, Ruby Chard Cooking Classes. Whether teaching classes or creating wholesale crackers, crisps and biscuits, we have always believed that great flavors come from quality ingredients, simply prepared. The inspiration for our company comes from Joan’s mom, Effie MacLellan, and her recipe for Oatcakes. Effie grew up on a rural farm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Like many traditional farmhouse recipes we realized the uniqueness of Oatcakes is in its honest and simple flavors. All of our products are based upon this premise as we rekindle old-fashioned and forgotten recipes.”

I am trying Effie’s Homemade’s Semolina Crackers – Sea Salt & Lavender: “Coarse semolina gives these crackers their wonderful crispy texture and nuttiness. Add to that extra virgin olive oil & sea salt and you have the base for Effie’s Semolina Crackers…with real flavor in every bite. Our Sea Salt & Lavender Crackers have herbal hints that pair fabulously with creamy brie and goat cheeses. Try alongside dips, pâté or crumbled over your favorite soup.”

See all the fine products of Effie’s Homemade here.

FF: The Brass Equilateral Nails from The Winsome Brave

EQNI love little accents that can make something common very cool. Take the Brass Equilateral Nails from The Winsome Brave, decorative nails that are like little works of art.

About the Brass Equilateral Nails from The Winsome Brave: “These Solid brass decorative triangular nails. Perfect for hanging jewelry, keepsakes and photos. Sold in set of 4. Set includes a 5th nail to be used to make a pilot hole. These nails were made in the U.S.A. and are brought to you with love from The Winsome Brave. These nails are meant for decorative use, a pilot hole is necessary. The nails are hand cast.”

The brass nails are great, but some may not like the $80 price point. That’s cool, The Winsome Brave offers a bronze version of the nails for $28.

Find the Brass Equilateral Nails from The Winsome Brave here.

Find the Bronze Equilateral Nails from The Winsome Brave here.

FF: Little Bay Oyster Company

LBOCI have mentioned before that I don’t care for oysters but wish I did, as I love the whole culture around them. To help compensate for my distaste for oysters, I feel the need to post about oysters and those that do love them, like the folks at Little Bay Oyster Company – my home state of New Hampshire’s only oyster harvester.

About Little Bay Oyster Company: “A Raw Oyster’s quality comes from how it’s raised and harvested. Little Bay Oyster Company, family-owned and operated since inception, grows and harvests their oysters with methods that ensure their consumers are getting a top quality product – inside and out. In 2007 the Carey family dove into a cold-water journey that would take them places most people would never dream of. They embarked on a mission to deliver a quality product that would be consumed by many. In order to carry out this endeavor, on a daily basis they find themselves wading into waist high frigid New England waters of the Atlantic Ocean’s Great Bay – a mere 30 degrees during the winter months. Every day the Oyster crops are tended to, ensuring that the development of Little Bay’s Oysters produce the freshest product on the market.”

Visit Little Bay Oyster Company here.