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LCLOGOToday is the fourth anniversary of the very first post here on Lost Cowboy Found.

Four Years!


I started this blog with a loose concept, which I discussed in my first post, and hoped that it would make sense over time.

As the blog progressed over the years and sort of took on a life of its own in many way, I was pleased to re-read that first post (and the second post) and realize that I have remained true to the original mission. Oh yeah, and I have had a blast doing it.

When I started in 2009, my goal was to be consistent and dedicated to posting. The last thing I wanted was for Lost Cowboy to end up like most similar blogs – on the ash heap of the internet after a short run. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the best at follow-through and finishing things. So four years on, I am proud to still be posting and as excited as ever about sharing the little finds and stories of my life.

I have so much more to find and share. On this fourth anniversary I am happy to recommit to continuing to share it all with you. Thanks for the support and your enthusiasm over the years.

Hold on tight, there is tons more to come.


A recent sunset behind New Hampshire’s Sandwich Range: