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I can never pass up a taking a picture of bicycles in the city – this is a great picture of two bikes on a Chicago street corner:


Print…as this is posted, I am on the first leg of my long-threatened road trip to Kentucky and Tennessee.

I am headed to Chicago, where I will rent a car and head south to Indianapolis then do a Tennessee/Kentucky loop beginning in Louisville, KY then Lexington, KY, and then off to Knoxville, TN, Chattanooga, and Nashville and then back to Chicago via Louisville again.

But first up is a weekend in Chicago, where (among other things) I plan to attend the 20th annual SOFA CHICAGO, (Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design fair) at the city’s famed Navy Pier.

About SOFA CHICAGO: “The 20th annual SOFA CHICAGO, the world’s foremost fair devoted to Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design, will be on view at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall from November 1 – Sunday, November 3, 2013. SOFA CHICAGO, the largest and longest continually-running art fair in Chicago, is a mainstay in its cultural and social calendar. Mary Daniels, senior arts writer, The Chicago Tribune, wrote, ‘New art forms never before seen and rich artisan traditions come together in a synergistic explosion of creativity at SOFA CHICAGO… A sense of discovery and surprise always permeates this show, one of the most anticipated cultural events in this city.’ Jim Yood, critic and historian, Art + Auction and Chicago Public Radio/WBEZ-FM, said, ‘SOFA’s high-end, cutting-edge mix clearly has global appeal. It’s a really wonderful art fair.’”

I look forward to sharing all of my great “Finds” from Chicago and my road trip right here on Lost Cowboy.

SOFA CHICAGO runs today, November 1, 2013 through Sunday, November 3, 2013 at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall.

FF: The Tom Thumb metal desk from Three Potato Four

FFEI have featured the great site Three Potato Four before – I love their blend of new and vintage items for the home. Currently on the site, I love this 70’s era child’s “Tom Thumb” desk adorned with vintage Whacky Packages stickers – much like the desk I had growing up

About the Tom Thumb metal desk with folding chair from Three Potato Four: “Early 1970’s children’s Tom Thumb metal desk with folding chair. Desk features two side drawers and sliding “typewriter” surface area (Tom Thumb is most famous for their children’s cash registers and typewriters). Original Wacky Packages stickers on various surfaces. Particle board desktop. Desk measures 32″l x 16″d x 26.5’h. Worn and weathered surfaces.”

See all the cool stuff available from Three Potato Four here.

FF: Corn Huskers Lotion

ffchThe one tip I pass on to young people? Moisturize! Ok, so I jest, but it is true, I apply moisturizer every day. However, in the winter, my hands need extra help, and despite all the fancy products available to help, I rely on good old Corn Huskers Lotion to keep my hands protected.

About Corn Huskers Lotion: “Since 1919, Corn Huskers has been soothing discomfort of irritated, chapped or cracked skin. Developed for Iowa corn farmers whose hands were regularly exposed to harsh conditions, fast absorbing Corn Huskers will soothe and soften skin. Plus, it’s oil-free so it won’t leave a residue.”

Corn Huskers Lotion is available from Amazon and other fine retailers.

FF: Early Times Kentucky Whiskey

FFETThis time next week I will be in Kentucky on my long-planned road trip. One thing is for sure, I will be partaking in sampling some local beverages, like Early Times Kentucky Whiskey.

About Early Times Kentucky Whiskey: “Early Times Kentucky Whisky is distilled, aged a minimum of three years and barreled in used oak barrels at the Early Times Distillery in Shively, Kentucky. We are the only company to own its own cooperage and make its own barrels, which allows us to control how the barrel contributes to the taste characteristics of Early Times. Early Times Kentucky Whisky is known for being a high-quality whisky that delivers a consistently smooth taste and flavor profile while still being offered at a value to our consumers.”

Early Times also has a Bourbon: “Experience where bourbon begins. A little bourbon history: Early Times started out as a bourbon back in 1860, and remained so until the early 1980s. It all started with our founder, Jack Beam (Jim’s uncle), who began working at his family’s distillery at the tender age of 15. In short order, he was running the operation and in 1860 built his own distillery at Early Times Station, Kentucky.”

See more about Early Time’s family of fine Kentucky spirits here.

FF: Spoonable’s Just Caramel Salty Caramel

ffscI am on the salt and caramel bandwagon, it’s the salt and sweet thing. Which is why I love Spoonable’s, Brooklyn’s Saucy Caramel. In particular, I love Spoonable’s Just Caramel Salty Caramel.

About Spoonable’s Just Caramel Salty Caramel: “Spoonable’s Just Caramel is a classic, rich, salty caramel. Its ingredients are simple: caramelized sugar mixed with a 40% heavy cream and a pound of smooth, non-salted European-style butter. Plus some sea salt from the Camargue region of France. Simple ingredients but the process is delicate. So Spoonable takes it time in creating the absolute best traditional caramel sauce. Use it on ice cream, on cakes or in cakes or as a dip. Try it as a base to a unique cocktail. Make a vinaigrette with it. Barbecue a fillet mignon with it as a glaze. Or just spoon it into your mouth!”

See all the great Spoonable’s products here.