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I was never the one with the dream of heading to Nashville to try to get signed to a country music recording contract. I was more the Broadway and Hollywood type, but that is a story for another time and a whole other blog of its own. I did, however, always want to visit Nashville and I finally made it on this road trip.

I left Chattanooga early and headed northwest to Nashville. I arrived in Music City in plenty of time to take in the two things I wanted to see most – The Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson, and the Johnny Cash Museum. The latter being something I featured here before and was one of the reason I took off on this road trip.

nv2First stop, The Hermitage. I have been interested in Andrew Jackson for some time, and became really interest after I read the wonderful book, American Lion – Andrew Jackson in the White House by Jon Meacham, a few years ago. When I realize my road trip would take me to the city where President Jackson called home, I just had to make a pilgrimage.

About The Hermitage: “President Andrew Jackson welcomed many important visitors to The Hermitage throughout his life. Continuing his tradition, the Hermitage institution provides an enjoyable and authentic experience to all our guests. We invite you to take a guided tour of The Hermitage mansion, and witness the history behind every room. Experience the majestic beauty of the garden where the 7th President, and beloved wife are buried. Explore the 1,100 acres of the fourth most visited presidential home, and Nashville’s finest preserved estate.”

Visiting places like The Hermitage, preserved for us as it was, makes history come alive and this visit did not disappoint.

The Hermitage is located at 4580 Rachel’s Lane, Nashville, TN

nv1From a more cultural stop to a totally pop cultural stop, I snuck into The Great Escape on my way to downtown Nashville. The Great Escape is a treasure trove of things like records, magazines and other ephemera from the 20th century through today and it was a kick to see it all in this “super” store.

About The Great Escape: “Welcome to the legendary world of The Great Escape, the mid-south’s leading place to buy, sell & trade used, new, collectible and out-of-print DVDs, CDs, Records, Comic Books, Games & more since 1977! We’re both a bargain store and a collector’s paradise: we have thousands & thousands of used items in like new condition that cost a fraction of what you’d pay for them new- plus, we’re loaded with the best selection of out-of-print collector’s items in the mid-south!”

The Great Escape is located at 5400 Charlotte Ave in Nashville, TN.

nv3I eventually made it to downtown Nashville and The Johnny Cash Museum, and I loved every second of my visit there. I just love Johnny Cash and this museum is a fitting tribute to one of the giants of country music (and beyond) of the last century.

About The Johnny Cash Museum: “Officially authorized by the Estate of Johnny Cash, the museum features the largest and most comprehensive collection of Johnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia in the world. State of the art exhibits, a museum gift store and special events make this THE Cash venue to visit. Open now in the heart of downtown Nashville.”

Of course there is a Johnny Cash Museum store that offers all sorts of items, from new merchandise featuring the museum’s logo to actual memorabilia from Mr. Cash’s life and career.

The Johnny Cash Museum is located at 119 3rd Avenue South in Nashville, TN

nv4After touring around the downtown area – lots of honkytonk and live music – I headed the city’s West End area for a late lunch at Tin Angel.

About Tin Angel: “The Tin Angel is often referred to as Nashville’s Original Neighborhood Restaurant, and in spirit it was built and is operated to be just that. A place where people can go for excellent food and service in a warm, friendly, comfortable environment, at reasonable prices. The fact that people come from both far and near to visit Tin Angel doesn’t make it less of a neighborhood restaurant, just a restaurant with a larger neighborhood.”

Try the Fried Green Tomatoes with horseradish sauce.

The Tin Angel – An American Bistro is located at 3201 West End Avenue ▪ Nashville, TN.

I found Nashville to be interesting. It was what I expected and then again not what I expected. It was an odd mix of a typical mid-sized American city and the iconic Mecca of country music. There is definitely a lot more to see in Nashville, but I will save that for a future visit perhaps with a traveling companion who is a true fan of country music and the city’s storied history.

Alas, Nashville was the last stop on the road for me in Tennessee, up next was a leisurely drive back to Louisville.