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TD4The folks at The Fruit Company have an excellent selection of great gifts to send to your friends and family for Thanksgiving. Or, if you are like me, have something sent to yourself to ensure you have some fresh fruit around the house – like the Fruit Company’s Thanksgiving Fruit Basket.

About the Fruit Company’s Thanksgiving Fruit Basket: “A tisket, a tasket, there’s nothing like this Thanksgiving basket! It’s gobble gobble all the way with all your favorite fall fruit and gourmet items. Fuji, Granny Smith and Honeycrisp apples, Comice and Red D’Anjou pears, toasted almond biscotti bites, decadent dark chocolate fudge, caramel apple chews, pumpkin spice almonds, and more. This is the perfect fall gift basket for any large Thanksgiving gathering.”

See all the Thanksgiving options from The Fruit Company here.

1927One added benefit of my recent vacation was I had time to finish reading One Summer by Bill Bryson. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book. In One Summer, Mr., Bryson takes us back in time to provide us a detailed view in what it was like to live through a pivotal period in America, the summer of 1927.

As we live in modern times we either think we are living through unique times or that “the good old days” are behind us. By exploring a defined period of time in depth, like the summer of 1927, we can put things in perspective and realize that our times are not so special and the good old days were not always as idyllic as we like to think.

About One Summer by Bill Bryson: “The summer of 1927 began with one of the signature events of the twentieth century: on May 21, 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first man to cross the Atlantic by plane nonstop, and when he landed in Le Bourget airfield near Paris, he ignited an explosion of worldwide rapture and instantly became the most famous person on the planet. Meanwhile, the titanically talented Babe Ruth was beginning his assault on the home run record, which would culminate on September 30 with his sixtieth blast, one of the most resonant and durable records in sports history. In between those dates a Queens housewife named Ruth Snyder and her corset-salesman lover garroted her husband, leading to a murder trial that became a huge tabloid sensation. Alvin ‘Shipwreck’ Kelly sat atop a flagpole in Newark, New Jersey, for twelve days—a new record. The American South was clobbered by unprecedented rain and by flooding of the Mississippi basin, a great human disaster, the relief efforts for which were guided by the uncannily able and insufferably pompous Herbert Hoover. Calvin Coolidge interrupted an already leisurely presidency for an even more relaxing three-month vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The gangster Al Capone tightened his grip on the illegal booze business through a gaudy and murderous reign of terror and municipal corruption. The first true ‘talking picture,’ Al Jolson’s The Jazz Singer, was filmed and forever changed the motion picture industry.”

I have written before that I have always been fascinated with Lindbergh’s flight and his life. Mr. Lindbergh is a central figure in One Summer, but his epic achievement and the resulting global reaction to it, is put in great context by what else was going on at the time. At the same time Babe Ruth was cementing his legend, Al Capone was becoming infamous, movies gained sound and the seeds of the Great Depression were sowed… All figures and events that shaped the popular culture and the America we live in today.

The content of what was happening in 1927 is compelling on its own. However, Mr. Bryson is a gifted writer and presents the story of this pivotal summer in America in a way that is very engrossing, informative and thoroughly entertaining.

One Summer by Bill Bryson is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.