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TD8I love that Butterball, the leading provider of turkeys for Americans at Thanksgiving and Christmas, staffs a hotline (the Butterball Turkey Talk Line) to answer questions and help people through the pitfalls of preparing the big bird.

The number one crisis on Thanksgiving morning? The turkey is still frozen!

About the Butterball Turkey Talk Line: “Ready and waiting, our Turkey Talk-Line® experts can answer all of your turkey questions – no matter how challenging. Just give us a call, send us an email or use our contact form to talk to an expert.”

Learn more about the Butterball Turkey Talk Line and find online options here.

For answers to all your turkey questions call 1-800-BUTTERBALL (800-288-8372).

See all the turkey resources of Butterball here.

PIThis week’s book, Pie Love by Warren Brown, photographs by Joshua Cogan, is the perfect book for the eve of Thanksgiving, our most pie-centered holiday.

Whether you like to make pies or just eat them, Pie Love will satisfy you. Bakers will love the creative recipes and cooking tips. Eaters will love looking at the wonderful photographs and dreaming of the perfect pie.

About Pie Love by Warren Brown, photographs by Joshua Cogan: “In his fourth cookbook, Warren Brown takes on the illustrious pie. It was his love of apple pie as a child that sparked his interest in baking, and he has wanted to write this cookbook ever since he added pies to the menus in his Cake Love bakeries and saw his customers’ enthusiastic responses. Brown answers every baker’s questions about making the perfect pie and includes recipes that range from sweet to savory, mixing recipes for traditional fillings with fun, unique takes: blueberry maple pie, mango and strawberry tart, apple lasagna, shroom-ikopita, chicken potpie, Jamaican beef patties, and much more. Of course, piecrusts and cream pies are covered as well.”

If you are still struggling with what kind of pie to make for tomorrow, don’t sweat, Pie Love is available instantly on your Kindle.

Pie Love by Warren Brown, photographs by Joshua Cogan is available from Amazon and other fine retailers.