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My photo of “the road to Christmas” was so popular, I was inspired to find the Road to New Year’s Day:


I just had to snap this picture of a couple of boathouses across the frozen Lake Chocorua in Tamworth, NH (top).  I love the picture but it makes me shiver every time I see it.  I love the scene even more when contrasted with the same boathouse I feature here in October (bottom).



FF: Calendars from Paper Source

NY1The folks at Paper Source have a great collection of calendars

…like this 2014 Paper Source Mini Accordion Desk Calendar: “Our darling Mini Desk Calendar features 12 colorful images in an accordion style format. Open the accordion to reveal the whole year or fold up and use the mini paper easel to display just single month. A fun addition for your desk or in your wallet.”

See all the great calendars available from Paper Source here.


FF: Calendars from Anthropologie

NY2Meanwhile, Anthropologie has some neat specialty calendars

…like the 2014 Calendar Dishtowel:

“This vintage-inspired dishtowel is printed with eco-friendly, water-based pigments and can be displayed as a kitchen calendar by inserting a dowel rod.”

Find all the calendars from Anthropologie here.


FF: The Ferrari 250 GTO Perpetual Calendar from Retro Planet

NY3The mechanic shop calendar is a classic, you know the kind, but a more P-C version of a calendar that would work in any garage is the Ferrari 250 GTO Perpetual Calendar available from Retro Planet.

About Ferrari 250 GTO Perpetual Calendar:

“If you can’t afford a real Ferrari 250 GTO – and hey, not many of us can – you can still appreciate the beauty of this classic car year-round with our tin Ferrari calendar. Two magnetic circles allow you to change the day and month in perpetuity.”

See all the cool retro items from Retro Planet here.


FF: The Keisuke Serizawa Calendar for 2014

NY4Another classic is the Keisuke Serizawa Calendar, available for 2014 just like it has been for nearly 70 years.

About the Keisuke Serizawa Calendar for 2014: “Just after the end of WWII, Keisuke Serizawa’s first calendar for 1946 appeared. It was stencil dyed in 12 sheets of a hand-made-Japanese paper. Under the occupation by the United States, this calendar became popular among high-class officer’s wives in U.S. Forces and was devised as a Christmas gift for people in the U.S. Since then, he had kept producing new calendar for 40 years until he passed away, and still even now, this calendar has been produced with existed patterns.”

The Keisuke Serizawa Calendar for 2014 is available from Tortoise General Store.






Here is a shot of North Conway Village in New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley all done up for Christmas.  I know my little camera cannot capture the true charm of this setting, but it is lovely all year round, especially at Christmas…



A Rolex, of course. (It’s getting late – a gift certificate for my Rolex is fine.)


This recipe for Peppermint Swirl Meringues from Good Housekeeping.


Provide precious water to those who need it by donating to Drilling for Hope.

BBWWhile enjoying a lovely holiday dining experience (at the fabulous Scarlett Oak Tavern in Hingham, MA) with my dear friend Lynda recently, I came across Bully Boy American Straight Whiskey for the first time.

We were having lunch at the bar and I spotted a bottle of Bully Boy Whiskey. I asked the bartender if we could see the bottle, which he brought it over and we learned that Bully Boy is a small Boston-based distiller. I took a sniff of the whiskey and loved it. It was too early in the day for me to taste it, but I made a note to check it out later.

Well, while stocking up for the holiday at my local New Hampshire State Liquor Outlet, I spotted Bully Boy Whiskey on the shelf amongst the bourbon and snapped up a bottle. Well, I tried it and I am here to report…

…well done Bully Boy, well done indeed!

About Bully Boy American Straight Whiskey: “Bully Boy’s aged whiskey uses corn, rye, and malted barley as its primary ingredients, and is aged in new American Oak. The corn makes for subtle sweetness, and the high rye content creates a dry spiciness; the flavors are further refined through the barrel-aging process, which imparts both a prominent caramel note and a nutty finish. An excellent sipping whiskey. As with all our spirits, our whiskey is made in small, numbered batches, so you know you are getting a truly unique spirit.”

Learn more about Bully Boy Distillers of Boston – including where you can purchase their products – here.

The first bottle of Bully Boy I discovered as seen that fateful day at the Scarlett Oak Tavern: