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The Rainbow Fairy Book collection from the Folio Society.


The Milk Chocolate Ultimate Advent Calendar from Hotel Chocolat.


Help disadvantage women “Dress for Success.”

LTGI am jonesing for a trip to London. I was there last March, but it seems so much longer. One of the reasons I would like to return to London, is the fact that I found a great collection of travel guides, from Herb Lester, which focus on unique and sometime whimsical aspects of the world’s great cities – including several guides for London.

About the travel guides of Herb Lester: “We research, write, print and distribute maps and guides to the world’s great cities. We seek out the well-used and much-loved, and enjoy the extraordinary as well as the everyday. Old bookshops and new coffee shops, park benches and dive bars, hat shops and haberdashers: this is the world according to Herb Lester. We work with many exceptional illustrators and designers, and we’re always eager to find new people to collaborate with. We also undertake commissions, so unless your company does something utterly abhorrent, we would be very happy to work with you.”

Herb Lester’s London collection of guides include Clandestine London (above, right) and my favorite, An Uncle’s Guide to London, which features a great illustration on the cover called “A Lovely Day” (below) which can also be purchased as a screen print..

In addition to London, Herb Lester offers a series of other guides for cities in Europe, the US (like Chicago) and Japan.


Find all the travel guides of Herb Lester here.