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“The World’s Most Beautiful Christmas Trees” from Frontgate.


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STARRYOK, so not everything I read is great literature or otherwise intellectually stimulating. I guess that is apparent by now with my eclectic Weekly Reads. However, this fact is going to be highlighted with this week’s Read – Starry Night by Debbie Macomber.

I am a sucker for cheesy romantic Christmas stories – like all those made-for-cable Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. This year I decided to read a cheesy Christmas romance, and I was told the queen of such books is Ms. Macomber, who is so prolific she releases a new holiday-themed novel every year.

Starry Night was the perfect choice. It was relatively short, full of stock characters and was an over-the top Christmassy romance – just what I was looking for.

About Starry Night by Debbie Macomber: “’Tis the season for romance, second chances, and Christmas cheer with this new novel from Debbie Macomber. Carrie Slayton, a big-city society-page columnist, longs to write more serious news stories. So her editor hands her a challenge: She can cover any topic she wants, but only if she first scores the paper an interview with Finn Dalton, the notoriously reclusive author. Living in the remote Alaskan wilderness, Finn has written a megabestselling memoir about surviving in the wild. But he stubbornly declines to speak to anyone in the press, and no one even knows exactly where he lives. Digging deep into Finn’s past, Carrie develops a theory on his whereabouts. It is the holidays, but her career is at stake, so she forsakes her family celebrations and flies out to snowy Alaska. When she finally finds Finn, she discovers a man both more charismatic and more stubborn than she even expected. And soon she is torn between pursuing the story of a lifetime and following her heart.”

This is not Charles Dickens, but Ms. Macomber is very good at what she does, and Starry Night is a fine story that will make you feel good – just what you want in a holiday read.

Starry Night by Debbie Macomber is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.