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VAL2Another holiday means another opportunity for me to tout the best purveyor of chocolates around: Hotel Chocolat, specifically their Sleekster Valentine Selection.

About The Sleekster Valentine Selection from Hotel Chocolat: “A selection of 28 gorgeous filled chocolates guaranteed to set pulses racing, presented in a beautiful box cleverly adorned with hidden images of love. Selection includes Passion Fruit Truffles, Strawberry & Rose Truffles, Triple-Layer Pralines, Salted Caramel Cheesecakes, Balsamic Caramels, Pink Champagne Truffles, Lemon Berry Tarts, Caramel Pralines, Soft Caramels, Champagne Bellini, Chilli, Ginger & Almond Pralines and Creamy Raspberry Truffles.”

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FF: Vool – the ridiculously awesome laptop or whatever cool stuff you have stand

VOOLI love the simple yet progressive design of Vool – which introduces itself as the “new, ridiculously awesome laptop or whatever cool stuff you have stand” and it is awesome.

The Vool is made of wood and although designed and intended as an ergonomic laptop stand, it can be used for all manner of things.

About Vool’s construction: “The making of every Vool begins with a thorough manual selection of the wood. The complex and fairly delicate manufacturing process is under human control every step of the way. That is why each and every Vool, though perfect, remains one of a kind.”

Learn more about Vool, the ridiculously awesome laptop or whatever cool stuff you have stand here.

FF: The Vintage style wind-up Cable Car from Theo

CCBI just love this Vintage style wind-up Cable Car on sale from Theo. I can imagine laying back in bed and watching this sucker cross from one side of my room to the other for hours at a time.

About The Vintage style wind-up Cable Car from Theo: “Fantastic vintage style wind-up Cable Car. See it wizzing up and down the 5m of string which is supplied, attach a post-it note and send your messages across the office or home. 1:43 Scale with a mechanical spring engine and a start/stop switch.”

Find the Vintage style wind-up Cable Car from Theo here.

FF: Cat Paw Thongs

CPTSeriously? Cat Paw Tongs? For real and they are awesome. Can you imagine pulling these out at your next dinner party to serve the salad? Meow!

About Cat Paw Tongs: “Cat Paw Tongs. Just because. Made from a high quality plastic that is heat and cold resistant up to 220 C (180 C for the small size) and down to -20 C. Stainless steel handle. The large size is great for cooking and serving virtually anything. The medium size is also great for ice cubes, pasta, salad, pastries, muffins, serving fruit, vegetables, yarn… The smallest size is fun for ice, sugar cubes, tea bags, nori, potato chips, salad bar fixings, tiny little mice…no! Not mice, that’s bad! Made in Japan. Beautiful. Simple. Fun. That’s what we do.”

Cat Paw Tongs are available online from Miya Company.

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FF: Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year Bourbon

FF4This week’s bourbon find is the smooth Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year bourbon, part of the great Old Rip Van Winkle family of spirits.

About Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year Bourbon: “This wonderful bourbon is bottled as close to barrel proof as possible. We add just a splash of our Kentucky limestone well-water when we empty the barrels for bottling. Thus, this whiskey is as smooth as any you will find. The more water you add to whiskey from its natural barrel proof to its bottle proof, the harsher it becomes. This 107 barrel proof seems to be just right.”

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