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VAL2Forget the chocolates and those little candy hearts with cute sayings on them…

…the best possible Valentine’s Day gift for me is CA$H!

Well, not just any cash, but dollar bills that have been turned into hearts using the basics of the ancient Asian art of origami.

Believe it or not there is a whole cottage industry of dollar bill origami instructors out there, but one of the easiest I have found are the fine folks at

See how to make a heart out of a dollar bill here.

…from the Paris of South America (Buenos Aires) to the Paris of the Plains (Kansas City, MO).

So it is happening folks. I am relocating, at least for a while, to the great state of Kansas. Kansas, home of Dorothy Gale and Bob Dole. Kansas, home of shorter less severe winters than my native New Hampshire. Well, at least in theory.

It was 58 degrees when I landed in Kansas City, MO from Boston on January 26, 2014. I looked like I just climbed down from Mt. Everest with my heavy coat, hat and gloves. The guy at the car rental counter laughed at me. But the joke was on him. The temperature dropped from nearly 60 degrees to ZERO that very night and it has been chilly here ever since. Add to that the foot of snow that came the other day and good old Kansas is making me feel right at home.


I love this picture (above) from The Kansas City Star that shows the snow in downtown KCMO the other day.

Meanwhile, some of the locals are saying I brought the Arctic Vortex with me and I will be punished come tornado season and during the long humid summer. I say bring it on!

Anyway, I am excited to explore this new part of the country and bring all my finds and observations to you here at Lost Cowboy. But fear not, I will be going back and forth to New England regularly so I can check in on all the old favorites as well.

I will be based in Overland Park, a lovely little city just on the Kansas side of the Missouri River from the great city of Kansas City, MO. Stay tuned!