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VAL2If it is not chocolate for your Valentine, then it must be jewelry. I live the simple Love Stepping Stone Necklace from Patina that seems to say it all.

About The Love Stepping Stone Necklace from Patina: “Love is in the air! Give the person you love this necklace, which they’ll cherish forever. The brushed 14-carat gold vermeil necklace is made by skilled silversmiths in Thailand.”

See Patina’s entire line of Valentine’s Day products here.

NOMADI am always looking for creative inspiration and I love books that offer new ideas and great photography. Today’s featured book offers all of these things in spades: Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style by Sibella Court with photography by Chris Court. In this wonderful book we are treated to a travelogue of design and inspiration as Ms. Court travels to places like Italy, Japan and Mexico.

About Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style by Sibella Court: “In this deluxe cloth-covered style guide, celebrated designer Sibella Court travels the world in search of eclectic inspiration. She explores far-flung destinations and captures the essence of each in small details, exotic color palettes, exquisite textures, and traditional crafts. Along the way, she shows readers how to incorporate these elements into interiors and how to replicate the ideas in their own spaces. Overflowing with imaginative ideas from across the globe with breathtaking photos of each destination accompanied by examples of gorgeous real-life interiors, plus tips for applying the looks at home Nomad promises to serve as the ultimate lookbook for designers and wanderers the world over.”

I found Nomad inspiring as I too like to take pictures of cool colors, textures and objects I find as I travel that can be used for my own art and design. This book not only bring me inspiration it allows me to see places and things I can only dream of seeing in person.

Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style by Sibella Court is available from Amazon and other fine book retailer.