HFC1There is plenty of goat cheese to go around these days from farms nearby and farms clear across the country. But thanks to overnight shipping, we can all enjoy the great selection of goat cheeses (and related products) from California’s Harley Farms.

About Harley Farms: “Harley Farms is a restored 1910 dairy farm, with 200 alpine goats on nine acres of pasture in Pescadero, California. The farm grew from six pet goats to today’s herd, with their delicious, critically-acclaimed cheese. In 2011 we bought neighboring fields and a historic barn, now our mercantile shop of goat milk bath and beauty lotions and our farm milk paint. The Harley Farms chevre, fromage blanc, ricotta and feta cheeses are consistent winners at the American Cheese Society awards, and hold two international World Cheese Show medals.”

HFCA great way to sample what Harley Farms has to offer is with their collection of Chevre Logs: “Four 4oz chevre logs, one plain and one each of fresh chives, crushed pepper, and dill. The white and green of chevre with chives is so pretty it’s always one of the first samples to be finished in our farm shop. Crushed pepper gives chevre a sophisticated zing, perfect for cocktail time. Chevre with dill is a classic rustic combination, and the plain chevre is perfect with anything else on your plate.”

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