FF: The Tea Party set of teabags from Piq

FF2Seriously, the coolest find ever for an anglophile like me…

…the Tea Party set of teabags from Piq.

How fun are these teabags with images of the Royal Family and other iconic and pop culture figures? I’ll tell you: very!

About Tea Party set of teabags from Piq: “Spice up your tea time with these unique tea bags full of iconic characters.”

Find the Tea Party set of teabags from Piq here.

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FF: “The Bourbon Myth” by The New Yorker’s Ian Crouch

TBMI know, I make way too many posts about bourbon, but I confess, I love the stuff. Anyway, I saw with great interest that the Jim Beam Company was recently purchased by a large Japanese global distiller. This was big news in the world of the distinctly American whiskey. Well, since then I learned a lot about Jim Beam (who knew they owned Maker’s Mark AND Knob Creek) and their already global empire that makes their new owners a little less threatening. I then came across this great piece in The New Yorker by Ian Crouch that explores what he calls “The Bourbon Myth”.

Check out The Bourbon Myth by The New Yorker’s Ian Crouch here.

FF: Pendleton’s Jacquard Notebooks

PENDThe fine folks at Pendleton Woolen Mills are best known for their blankets and throws and all products that are, well, woolen. The last thing you may expect from Pendleton Woolen Mills is a fine notebook. Well, Pendleton’s Jacquard Notebooks take some of their iconic patterns and turn them into covers for a series of fine notepads.

About Pendleton Woolen Mills’ Jacquard Notebooks: “Our heritage blanket patterns interpreted in paper. Set of 3 different notebooks holding lined, uncoated paper.”

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FF: Vanilla Bicycle Workshop of Portland, OR

FF8I just love the handcrafted bicycle frames of Portland, OR’s Vanilla Bicycle Workshop.

About Vanilla Bicycle Workshop of Portland, OR: “The Vanilla Workshop is a community — a collaboration between master fabricators; expert bicycle painters; photographers; wood, leather, fabric and metal workers–all working closely to bring the intelligent, edgy, sexiness of Portland to the rest of the world.”

See the finely crafted bicycles of Vanilla Bicycle Workshop here.