OLIVEAs Thomas Jefferson once said: “The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven.”

I love olive trees, and olive oil, and always dreamed of having an olive grove. However, olive trees don’t tend to do well in the places I have lived, so I have to dream about having a villa in Umbria with rows of olive trees ringing my tomato patch.

It may not be quite the same thing as my dream, but I may have found a way to have my olive trees after all – with the Adopt an Olive Tree program from Tre Olive of Calabria, Italy. Tre Olive lets you adopt a tree for a year and at the end of the year they send you the oil pressed from the fruit of your tree. Very cool.

About the Adopt an Olive Tree from Tre Olive: “Our groves are nestled in the quiet foothills of Calabria, where growing olives and making Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a way of life. Many of the trees in the TRE OLIVE grove are nearly a century old and the temperature and climate are perfect for growing olives. It’s all about the love, and we love what we do! Imagine telling your dinner guests about the olive tree you adopted in Italy. Adopt an olive tree from the TRE OLIVE grove for one year. In return, we will send you some of the purest, most delicious Olive Oil produced in Italy. Become a part of the TRE OLIVE family and share your genuine, straight-from-our-grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the ones you love (use the store bought stuff for everyone else!)”

In addition to their Adopt an Olive Tree option, Tre Olive has a full line of olive products for purchase in their online shop, including their signature oils.

Check out Tre Olive’s Adopt an Olive Tree program here.

Learn more about the groves of Tre Olive here.