IOPI have mentioned before that John Irving is one of my all-time favorite authors. I have read just about everything he has ever written and love it or hate it, I always felt better for having read this great American author.

I just finished Mr. Irving’s 2012 novel, In One Person, an interesting and entertaining exploration of sexual identity. In One Person has many of the elements of Mr. Irving’s best works. Quirky small New England town? Check. Quirky family with a strong male narrator? Check. Wrestling? Check. Political? You bet.

In One Person is vintage Irving, with his considerable literary talents dedicated to exploring all the variations of sexuality and sexual identity, from transgender, gay, straight, bisexual, etc. – much of it all tied up in, well, In One Person.

About In One Person by John Irving: “A New York Times bestselling novel of desire, secrecy, and sexual identity, In One Person is a story of unfulfilled love—tormented, funny, and affecting—and an impassioned embrace of our sexual differences. Billy, the bisexual narrator and main character of In One Person, tells the tragicomic story (lasting more than half a century) of his life as a ‘sexual suspect,’ a phrase first used by John Irving in 1978 in his landmark novel of ‘terminal cases,’ The World According to Garp. In One Person is a poignant tribute to Billy’s friends and lovers—a theatrical cast of characters who defy category and convention. Not least, In One Person is an intimate and unforgettable portrait of the solitariness of a bisexual man who is dedicated to making himself ‘worthwhile.’”

The subject matter in less gifted hands could come across as sensationalistic or trivial. However, Mr. Irving weaves a tale about interesting people interacting with each other, the foundation of any good novel. The fact that the characters are dealing with myriad challenges of sexual identity is the least interesting thing about them. Which maybe makes the author’s point.

There are large passages in this book that are as moving and brilliant as Mr. Irving’s best works of the past and it great to see the master back in form.

In One Person by John Irving is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.