MF1I first stumbled across Marx Foods, a Seattle specialty food retailer, when I read about the Filotea Squid Ink Spaghetti they sell. I found the squid ink pasta alright, but I also found many other really cool finds at Marx Foods – from specialty produce to exotic meats – they have all sorts of things you never knew you needed to satisfy your inner foodie.

About Marx Foods: “With five generations in the specialty food business, our taste buds have been around the block a few times. In the hunt for the truly unique and delicious, we’ve endured hours of tasting panels, stomach aches, scorched taste buds (beware of scorpion chile jam) and more than a few let downs, but we’ve also found incredible and innovative products. Everything you find in our retail shop has been hand selected and tasted to ensure that what you take home is the very best. Our curated collection is constantly evolving – you’ll likely find something new each time you shop. The retail store is packed with deliciousness, but does not have space for our massive online selection.”

MF2Oh yeah, about the Filotea Squid Ink Spaghetti: “Unlike plain spaghetti, which is in long round strands, spaghetti alla chitarra has squared-off corners (like tagliolini, but with the thickness of spaghetti). This spaghetti gets its deep black color naturally – from squid ink mixed into the dough. Enough squid ink is used to impart color, but not flavor, so this pasta can be served with any sauce (though seafood sauces are certainly traditional). Compared to other dried pastas – Filotea pasta offers better flavor, a more tender, fluffier texture, and faster cooking times. These qualities are due to the premium ingredients, extra care, and slower techniques that they use to produce it.”

Marx Foods is so cool you can even buy the squid ink without the pasta.

Marx Foods is located at 144 Western Ave W, Seattle WA 98119…

…but lucky for us, they have an awesome online store and ship everywhere.