FF: Forestbound Original Bag Company

FF1There is so much to like about the one-of-a-kind bags of Forestbound Original Bag Company of New England. So much to like everything they makes sells out fast.

About Forestbound Original Bag Company: “Forestbound uses exclusively found and salvaged textiles to create a line of durable, utilitarian tote bags. Alice Saunders, a Boston-based designer, puts great effort into hunting for well-worn historic fabrics and hardware throughout New England. Many hours are dedicated to working with these unique materials to ensure every Forestbound Original is one of a kind.”

Just take a look at the archive of past Forestbound Originals and you will see why everybody wants one.

Learn more and see when you might be able to get your hands on a Forestbound original here.

FF: The Vintage Locker from RH Baby and Child

FF6I’ve always wanted a wall of vintage lockers in my house. I have seen them around at flea markets and shops, but it never seemed like the right time. Now as I am planning to move into a new home, I am thinking vintage-inspired lockers, like these I found at RH Baby and Child, may be just what I need.

About the Vintage Locker from RH Baby and Child: “As sturdy as the all-American originals that inspired it, the Vintage Locker Collection has authentic details like vented cabinet fronts and an antiqued finish for a timeworn feel.”

Find the Vintage Locker from RH Baby and Child here.

FF: The Usagi Cobbler Shaker from Cocktail Kingdom

ff5I like my bourbon neat, but for some reason I love cocktail shakers and other fine products that help you make the best mixed drinks. I have a few shakers that look great in my liquor cabinet, but I am always looking to add to the collection. The Usagi Cobbler Shaker from Cocktail Kingdom is definitely a contender for my next acquisition.

About the Usagi Cobbler Shaker from Cocktail Kingdom: “The Usagi Cobbler Shaker, three-part shaker perfect for the Japanese hard shake. 500ml Heavy Weight Cobbler shaker comes in at a substantial 1.10 lb each (.5 kg) giving it extra stability and weight. Great for both working bartenders and the home enthusiast alike. Stainless steel construction. Also available in gold plate.”

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