I have found myself crisscrossing the entire state of Indiana a few times over the past several months. Although I was on my way to and fro my Kentucky/Tennessee road trip and from New Hampshire to Kansas to my new home – I found myself intrigued by some of Indiana’s roadside gems, which I present today.

FF: The Amish Cheese Shop

ii1First up is The Amish Cheese Shop, somewhat of a local landmark, right off of I-70.

About The Amish Cheese Shop: “The Amish Cheese Shop has been in the same location on Interstate 70 and State Road 1, Cambridge City Indiana, since 1983. The shop specialized in cheeses made by Heini’s cheese company in Holmes County Ohio. Their cheeses are made from milk produced on the areas many Amish farms. We still carry many Heini’s cheeses but have expanded and continue our search to find quality cheeses at reasonable prices. When have recently added a line of lactose-free cheeses that we know many of you will enjoy. While not Amish owned, the shop concentrates on quality, additive free products associated with a simpler life, long before organic, additive free, sugar free became household words. We also enjoy showcasing local Indiana products such as honey, venison sausage, maple syrup, gooseberry pie and in season produce.”

Visit The Amish Cheese Shop online here.

FF: Warm Glow Candle Company

ii2Crossing Indiana on I-70 you can’t miss the fine folks at the Warm Glow Candle Company in Centerville, IN – their billboards decorate the side of the road for miles. In addition to touting the fine candles sold at their store – the billboards promise clean comfortable restrooms. I call that a road trip win-win.

The Warm Glow Candle Company offers: “primitive, long lasting, highly scented candles and a variety of flameless options ranging from meltable scent chips to scented sachets! Everything you need to scent your entire home, office, vehicle, or any other aspect of life!”

About Warm Glow Candle Company: “Midwesterner Alan & Jackie Carberry created Warm Glow Candle Company in the basement of their home in 1994. Their goal was to create their vision of a perfect candle. After many tedious months of working with several combinations, they finally accomplished their goal and succeeded in creating a candle that is highly fragrant, long lasting, clean burning, and cost effective. They had a candle they were proud to give the name, ‘Warm Glow.’”

Check out the Warm Glow Candle Company online here.

FF: Beads Amore’

ii3Just a short trip of the highway in Indianapolis you can find a kind of Mecca for beads, yes, beads, as in the things you string together to make jewelry. This treasure trove for beaders is Beads Amore’ who claim to have the largest collection of beads in the world (“our humongous selection of Beads, Precious Stones and Crystals will take your breath away”).

About Beads Amore’: “With over 6,000,000 beads in stock and over 7000 individual types of Beads available by the bead we have the largest selection of individual beads in the World. We also have over 5000 strands.”

Visit Beads Amore’ online here.