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I am cheating with my latest post checking in on Mount and Lake Chocorua from Tamworth, NH by posting a professional photographer’s shots of the scene.

The reason? Well, the reason is I am posting from my new digs in Kansas and feeling really homesick for the snow and mountains of New Hampshire.

Anyway, Lake Chocorua is the start and finish line for the annual Tamworth Sled Dog races which were held just a couple of weeks ago.  I am sorry to have missed the event but I love these pictures of a couple of teams heading off on the course – in the middle of the frozen lake with the majestic mountain in the background. 



NBThere is just something really cool about old school wooden blocks for children. Kids still like to play with them and the vintage ones look great as a decorative item. Well, it is great to know that there are still people out there that are dedicated to preserving the good old blocks, and the new ones are just as cool as the old ones – like the Nautical Blocks from Uncle Goose – which would look great stacked just so on the mantle at your seaside home.

About the Nautical Blocks from Uncle Goose: “Ahoy there matey! Don’t set sail without a set of our Nautical Blocks perfect for those youngsters interested in perfecting basic seamanship or just learning to tie a sheepshank. It certainly provides that special accent in the master cabin or boat house. The set contains 26 alphabet letters with their accompanying maritime signal flag, Morse code, semaphore and the NATO phonetic alphabet words. A beautifully illustrated knot on each block puts this set over the edge! Anchors Aweigh!”

By the way, I love everything about this Uncle Goose place – they have many other great block sets and other old school children’s items and they are all awesome.

UGAbout Uncle Goose: “Uncle Goose sometimes feels like that eccentric yet eloquent friend of yours that seems to have stepped out of an O. Henry short story from the late 19th century. After all, ours is a company that stepped back over one hundred years in time to hand-manufacture classic wood alphabet blocks in an era of computer games and digital toys.”

Check out Uncle Goose here.