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spd2So today is St. Patrick’s Day. Or as I like to call it “I Never Knew There were So Many Different Shades of Green Day” as it is crazy what people wear on this day.

Well, of course I will be celebrating with a few fingers of my favorite Irish whiskey (currently Tullamore D.E.W.) and dining on some good old Irish stew if I can get my act together in time.

The recipe I would like to try is Stuart O’Keeffe’s Irish Beef Stew with Guinness which I found in a recent edition of Men’s Journal magazine, believe it or not.

spdAbout Stuart O’Keeffe’s Irish Beef Stew with Guinness from Men’s Journal: “Before you start a pub crawl this Saint Patrick’s Day, gather your pals for a hearty meal that’s all Irish. L.A.-based Stuart O’Keeffe, a 32-year-old Irish chef who has been a co-star of the Food Network’s Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, suggests straying from tired corned beef and cabbage and, instead, celebrating the day with the hearty beef and Guinness of his ‘heart’s home.’ For O’Keeffe’s beef stew with Guinness, he asks the butcher to cut short ribs and cooks them with fresh local root vegetables – staples on the Irish isle. He braises everything long and slow, letting the Guinness break down the meat with its acidity and hops. It couldn’t be easier: Brown the meat and veggies, and throw everything in together to slow cook this one-pot wonder that will magically produce a dark, inky sauce you won’t soon forget.”

I like the idea of a slow cooked stew braised in Guinness and I think I can manage this recipe. Or maybe after a few shots of Tullamore, mixing Guinness in a can of Dinty Moore might work out just as well.

Find Stuart O’Keeffe’s recipe for Irish Beef Stew with Guinness from Men’s Journal here.

Visit Men’s Journal magazine online here.