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A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture I took of ice fishing cabins on Meredith Bay in Meredith, NH. Well, I recently came across this picture of a herd of deer crossing across the frozen bay which is part of Lake Winnipesaukee. Sad to say I did not take this picture, but I love it anyway. And I love how nature just adapts to whatever the seasons bring.


lomo2OK, today’s find is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while – the Smartphone Scanner from Lomography.

This is great, you can feed old 35mm negatives through the device and have them scanned right onto your smartphone. No bulky scanners, no hard to finagle templates for the negatives – just a compact scanner and the results on your phone.

About the Lomography Smartphone Scanner: “Great way to instantly scan and instantly share your 35mm films with your smartphone! Portable and easy to use.”

(Clearly English is not the first language of the folks at Lomography, but that’s ok, they speak the international language of AWESOME!)

I have a ton of negatives I have been looking to scan and find it a huge pain to use the traditional flatbed scanner I have. I am not looking for the highest quality resolution, just something that will allow me to see the old pictures and arrange my archives and the Lomography Smartphone Scanner is the perfect solution.

Meanwhile, the folks at Lomography are dedicated to preserving the art of analog photography – something I totally support.

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