nkcMusic education is one of those things that we know every kid should have, but it is often the first thing that gets cut when budgets are tightened or worse, it was never an option. That is why I like to support organizations that are dedicated to providing arts education to children, like the Nat King Cole Generation Hope.

About Nat King Cole Generation Hope: “We believe that every child should be exposed to music education. Studies have proven that participation in school music has a positive impact on areas considered outside the realm of music including dexterity, coordination, self-discipline, self-esteem, thinking skills, listening skills, creative abilities and personal expression. Through the efforts of Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc., and the community as a whole, we envision a day when music will be a central part of all children’s lives.”

The Nat King Cole Generation Hope organization is not only helping support music education for children, it is keeping the legacy of its namesake alive – the great Nat King Cole.

Learn more about – and support – Nat King Cole Generation Hope here.