Lamp3There is a lot for me to love about the fine folks at Lamp-In-A-Box. First, they have a great line of lamps featuring iconic and evocative images like vintage postcards and famous works of art. The lamps are stylish and with hundreds of art options – including some funky designs by modern artists – there is bound to be something that you’ll love for your home or office.

About Lamp-In-A-Box: “Lamp-In-A-Box was founded in 2007 by Daniel Cytrynowicz with the idea of redefining people’s experience with table lamps. The vision from the beginning was to create a fun, relevant and affordable lamp, challenging the age-old image of the sober, virtually invisible lighting object in everybody’s home. Lamp-In-A-Box’s lamps have become “objects of desire”, being sold in furniture, gift and museum stores, boutiques, catalogs, websites and even record stores, as well as being used as gifts for the promotional market.

LAMPWith its ever-growing library of images (approaching 1000 at this site’s launch) Lamp-In-A-Box takes its customers’ feedback very seriously, quickly creating new designs as requested. Most notable is the ‘build-your-own’ lamp, which has become a prized heirloom in homes across the US. Lamp-In-A-Box lamps will not be ignored and are sure to put a smile on peoples’ faces!”

I love many of the art options Lamp-In-A-Box offers, but there is something really special about the Schwinn bicycle images.

Oh yeah, and if you can’t find anything that suits your interest (unlikely) you can create your own lampshade using your own images.

Check out Lamp-In-A-Box here.